After a few singing lessons with Christer, I have really experienced an amazing change. Now I can sing without straining my voice and it feels fantastic. Now my voice sounds a lot better and I get noticeably more good feedback on what I do as a singer.
— Erlend Christensen, artist

Learn techniques that:

- Are genre independent and customized to your level
- Improves your breathing and support
- Prevents tensions and hoarseness
- Extends the range of your voice
- Provides more volume
- Allows you to create a variety of vocal sounds
- Optimizes the body's muscle coordination

I am Christer Aannestad (b. 1984) and this is my background:

After graduating as a singer and singing teacher at NTNU Department of Music in 2009, I have spent countless of hours exploring the newest research connected to vocal technique and physiology for singers and instrumentalists. Have you ever wondered what it really means to sing freely, without any physical problems? And what is really an optimal breath and support? I think the answers to these questions lie in a profound knowledge of vocal technique and curiosity about what actually happens under the skin when we sing. I currently work as an authorized teacher in Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) and soon I am a Timani teacher as well. With these two methods I offer the latest knowledge whitin vocal technique and muscle coordination for singers and instrumentalists. When the body and voice is considered as a unified instrument we can overcome physical barriers and design the personal "sound" we have always wanted.

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a genre independent and research-based methodology founded by the Danish voice researcher, Cathrine Sadolin. CVT claims that all sounds can be produced in a healthy and effortless way without damaging the voice. By following a specific set of rules, you can design your own "sound" and sing just the way you want. Read more about CVT here.

Timani, founded by Tina Margareta Nilssen, can help musicians and teachers to develop a deep understanding of the body and its function while playing and singing, based on anatomy and science. Singers (and instrumentalists) should be able to express their full musical potential without unnecessary physical hinders. Timani offers concrete exercises that optimize the body's use of the muscles, the skeleton and the connective tissues. This will affect the body's muscle coordination and quickly improve your vocal technique. 
Read more about Timani here.


Singing lesson medio, 60 minutes
NOK 690,-

Singing lesson grande, 90 minutes
NOK 890,-

Singing lesson molti, 60 minutes
(designed for 2 to 4 singers)
NOK 1 290,-

Canto pachetto - 11 lessons for the price of 10
(prepayment, the lessons must be settled within 6 months)
NOK 6 900,-

Terms & Conditions

Agreement: When we have come to a written agreement regarding date and time the singing lesson is considered as a bound contract.

Cancellation must be done no later than 24 hours in advance. You will be charged NOK 600,- if you cancel the singing lesson later than this (regardless of the duration of the lesson).

'No-show': If you don't show up to the singing lesson or cancel right after the lesson has started you will be charged for the entire lesson.

Payments: You will receive an invoice by email at the end of the month. Please make sure to pay at the due date in order to avoid interest and fees. In case of late payment you might receive a payment warning before a collection agency is involved.


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